What is the T-EQualizer Shirt?

The T Qualizer Shirt, el shirt, is an LED T-shirt that flashes to sounds! The equalizer t-shirt uses elecrtroluminescence (micro-electronics) on the front of the shirt that display colored light images, much like an LED Shirt, El Shirts. The electronic panel on the t-shirt T-Qualizer is paper thin ó you canít even tell itís there! Plus, the T equalizer shirt, el t shirts is designed to react to sound! It works like a real equalizer! Your T shirt LED will react with the music, el t-shirt. With our EL T Shirt, you are sure to turn heads in the club. Order yours today!, el t-shirts

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How does the T-Qualizer Shirt, flash t shirt, led shirts work?

Technology and fashion combine! These electronic shirts are battery powered, flash tshirt, light shirt (2 AAís). They are neatly concealed inside the hem of the shirt. The Flash T-shirt, light shirts does all the work, all you have to do is wear it. These T equalizer shirts are also machine washable! All of the electronic components are easily removed.

T Equalizer ShirtT Equalizer Shirt

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Green to Red

Classic EQ

New Stereo EQ Reverse

Text Box: Pink Heart
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Donít be fooled by cheap imitations!

Buy T Qualizer! T-Qualizer Shirt, light t shirts .com sells the authentic LED tee shirt. The flash tshirt is a more expensive knock-off of this one-of-a-kind electronic shirt. EL shirts offer similar products at higher prices, but the EL t-shirt does not flash like our light up shirts. The T Qualizer t shirt is the original LED shirt. LED shirts make for the perfect novelty t shirt, light tee shirts. Be the first one you know to own a T Equalizer Shirt. Order yours today!

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